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MAXGEAR Druckschalter, Klimaanlage
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MAXGEAR Druckschalter, Klimaanlage — Druckschalter, Klimaanlage — MINI MINI R56, MINI R50, R53, MINI CLUBMAN R55, MINI Cabriolet R52, MINI Cabriolet R57, MINI COUNTRYMAN R60, MINI Coupe R58, MINI Roadster R59, MINI PACEMAN R61, MINI F56, MINI CLUBVAN R55, MINI F55, MINI CLUBMAN F54, MINI Cabriolet F57, MINI COUNTRYMAN F60, BMW 3 E46, 3 Touring E91, 3 E90, 5 E39, 5 E60, 1 E87, 5 Touring E61, 3 Touring E46, X3 E83, 5 Touring E39, 5 Touring F11, 5 F10, F18, 3 Compact E46, 3 Coupe E46, X1 E84, 1 E81, 1 F20, X5 E70, X3 F25, X5 E53, 3 Coupe E92, 3 Touring F31, 3 Cabriolet E46, 3 F30, F35, F80, 7 E38, Z4 E85, 3 Cabriolet E93, 7 E65, E66, E67, 1 F21, 1 Cabriolet E88, 7 F01, F02, F03, F04, 1 Coupe E82, Z4 E89, 5 Gran Turismo F07, X6 E71, E72, 6 E63, 3 Gran Turismo F34, 4 Coupe F32, F82, Z4 Coupe E86, X5 F15, F85, 6 Cabriolet E64, 2 Coupe F22, 6 Gran Coupe F06, 6 Coupe F13, 4 Cabriolet F33, F83, 6 Cabriolet F12, i3 I01, 2 Active Tourer F45, 4 Gran Coupe F36, 2 Gran Tourer F46, X1 F48, X4 F26, 5 G30, 2 Cabriolet F23, X6 F16, F86, 7 G11, G12, 5 Touring G31, X3 G01, i8 I12, ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM VII RR1, GHOST RR4, PHANTOM VII Coupe RR3, CORNICHE V Cabriolet, PHANTOM VII Drophead Coupe RR2 — 0141211, 64530141211, 64536909257, 64538370623, 64538385390, 64539141957, 64539181464, 64539323658, 6909257, 8370623, 8385390, 9141957, 9181464, 64530141211, 64536909257, 64539141957, 64539181464, 64539323658, 64539141957, 64539181464 — Güte/Klasse: EASY FIT; Kältemittel: 4; Betriebsspannung [V]: 12; Gewindemaß: 3/8-24 Male; Pol-Anzahl: 3

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GC® Cable Green Cell GC Type 2 for charging EV ...
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GC Type 2 Cable - Charging electric vehicles without any limitsDon't waste time for chargingThanks to it's 3-phase construction and 32A rated current Green Cell Type 2 to EV cable allows fast charging of electric cars with power up to 22kW. It is ended with Type 2 connectors, which are used in charging stations throughout Europe. 6.2 lb of weight makes it comfortable and easy to use the cable itself will not take up much space in the boot of your vehicle.Make the most of your timeWith the GC Type 2 22kW cable, electromobility is not only a way to travel, but also a time-saving technique. By maximizing the use of the power at which your vehicle can be charged, you can save up to several hours of charging with AC power. With low costs and compatibility with charging stations across Europe, you have new horizons to explore.Durability and safetyThanks to it's construction and compliance with safety standards, the cable is protected against tough conditions such as splashes, fine gravel, beeing dropped or driven over with weight up to 2 tons. The exceptional durability of the connectors ensures more than 10.000 connections, which means that the cable can be used for more than 15 years without any problems, even with standard daily charging.Unlimited chargingGreen Cell Type 2 cable for charging electric cars can be taken all over Europe without any worries. Thanks to their universal Type 2 plugs, they are compatible with all charging stations. Other physical parameters of the cable were also selected for the convenience of users - the length of 5 meters (16.4ft) allows easy access to any station, and the weight of 6.2 lb allows you to move and use the cable freely.Electromobility is the futureElectric vehicles are an integral part of our future. Whether you were buying an electric car on the basis of a clean environment, technological possibilities or economics, we would like to congratulate you on your excellent choice and on being one step ahead of the traditional automotive industry. We are delighted to have you join us in this new wave of green energy that will help change the world!Compatible electric car modelsAudi E-tron / A3 E-tron / Q7 E-tronBMW 330e / 530e / 740e / i3 / i8 / X5 xDrive40eHyundai IONIQ Electric / KONA ElectricJaguar I-PaceKia e-Niro / e-Soul / Niro PHEV / Optima PHEVMercedes B250e Electric / C350e PHEV / GLE 500e PHEV / S500 Saloon PHEVMini Countryman PHEVNissan LEAFRenault ZOESmart EQ forfour / fortwoTesla Model 3 / Model S / Model XToyota Prius Plug-In HybridVolkswagen e-Golf / e-Up / Golf GTEVolvo S90 PHEV / V60 PHEV / V90 PHEV / XC60 PHEV / XC90 PHEV

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